Lane County Legal Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help with tickets?

No. We only help with civil legal matters, whereas tickets are usually a type of criminal matter. However, if your property was taken in connection with a ticket, we may be able to assist with that part of the case.

How do I make an appointment?

If you are over 60, contact Senior Law Service. If you are under 60, you cannot make an appointment. Instead, you must apply in person. If disability or distance prevents you from coming in, you may request a telephone interview.

Will you represent me? What kinds of cases do you take?

We have limited resources, so only some of the people who apply will be represented by us. Most of the cases we take involve public benefits and health care, tenant's rights, debt issues, or survivors of abuse, but sometimes we handle other case types. We also have income limits for the people we serve, and even some lower-income people may not qualify. If we are unable to represent you, we will try to help you identify other resources.

How quickly can you help me? This is urgent ! ! !

Due to our limited resources, in most cases we cannot respond on an urgent basis. Wait times to meet with attorneys or trained staff range from about a week to over a month. If your legal problem cannot wait, you will need to find legal services elsewhere. It's best to contact us well before any deadlines come up in your case.

What do I need to bring in order to apply?

The most important thing is to bring any documents that relate to your case. Applicants often forget to bring important papers relating to their case, and this can make it difficult or impossible for us to process the application. When in doubt, it's better to bring more papers than less.